Proper of the Mass this Sunday…

At the 5:15 PM Sunday Mass at Mary Star of the Sea in San Pedro, CA, the schola sings these Proper. Below are practice files.

Join us in the chapel at 4:15PM for a run through. Contact Hervé at if questions.

— Sunday February 2nd – The Presentation of the Lord —

Download pages of the Gregorian Missal: GM OT Presentation Lord

Download proper in English (same Gregorian mode): OT Presentation ENG PW

Click to hear Introit (English antiphon – English verseLatin antiphon)

Responsorial : OT PL respons ENG (cantor sings once, schola repeats, cantor sings verses, schola leads assembly in response between verses).

Click to hear Responsorial (English)

Alleluia (cantor intones first Alleluia, schola repeats and finish the acclamation. Cantor sings verse. Schola repeats acclamation)

Click to hear Alleluia

Click to hear Offertory (English antiphon – English verseLatin antiphon)

Click to hear Communion (English antiphon – English verseLatin antiphon+verses)

Download Communion verses: OT PL Comm verses GM  (to better understand the way these verses are constructed in a Mode-VIII-tone, read Learn to chant the Mass in 3 easy steps… , and Mode VIII )


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  1. This is an amazing work you do> Thank you

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