Click on the coming Sundays to download sheet music and sound files of the sung Proper of the Mass. The sound files are unaccompanied (a-cappella) to replicate as closely as possible the conditions of individual practice at home. Three versions:

  • Roman Gradual, in Latin (the universal and official music of each Mass)
  • Two English translations: a very simple one, and another closer to the original Latin.

Sunday, January 24, THIRD SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME (EF: 3rd Sunday after Epiphany) green

Sunday, January 31, FOURTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME (EF: Septuagesima Sunday) green

Tuesday, February 2, The Presentation of the Lord (EF: Purification of BVM) white

Sunday, February 7, FIFTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME (EF: Sexagesima Sunday) green

Sunday, February 14, SIXTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME (EF: Quinquagesima Sunday) green

Wednesday, February 17, Ash Wednesday violet

Sunday, February 21, FIRST SUNDAY OF LENT violet

Sunday, February 28, SECOND SUNDAY OF LENT violet

For questions, click here.

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