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Click on the coming Sundays to download sheet music and sound files of the sung Proper of the Mass. (Click here for the 1962 Traditional Calendar) The sound files are unaccompanied (a-cappella) to replicate as closely as possible the conditions of individual practice at home. Three versions:

  • Roman Gradual, in Latin (the universal and official music of each Mass)
  • Two English translations: a very simple one, and another closer to the Latin, original language of the Roman rite.

Sunday, December 4, SECOND SUNDAY OF ADVENT violet

Thursday, December 8, IMMACULATE CONCEPTION white

Sunday, December 11, THIRD SUNDAY OF ADVENT violet or rose

Sunday, December 18, FOURTH SUNDAY OF ADVENT violet

Sunday, December 25, THE NATIVITY OF THE LORD (Christmas) white

For questions, click here.

Click here for the USCCB 2023 Liturgical Calendar

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