JP II center – Yorba Linda

The traditional latin Mass at 7:00AM  at the John Paul II Center, 3999 Rose Dr. Yorba Linda, Ca is recruiting new singers. You can join at three levels:

  • “Kyriale leader”: just practice the Mass VIII Kyriale (you can do so by clicking here: Mass VIII Kyrie, Sanctus and Agnus Dei , and here:Gloria and Credo ). A suggestion for these leaders: you may sing from the pews, but please sing from the back of the Church, near the schola. The blending of voices with the schola will then be easier and we will be truly “Una Voce”. Also, in the Mass the singers must be heard, but preferably not seen (to not distract from the Altar). Can you still sing from the front of the Church? Of course. But then please follow the lead from the back for rhythm, pitch and “blend”.
  • “Schola member”: sing the Proper of the Mass with the schola. To join, forewarn the cantor who will sing that Sunday and arrive at 6:45AM to rehearse. The Proper (Liber or Rossini) will be adjusted to allow each schola member to participate and grow as singers. Also, come prepared: review at least one week in advance the music below, and practice. Also, help in only a phone call or email away ( ).
  • “Cantor-in-training”: see Chant-and-money

For those of us still new to the Tridentine Mass, here is a 2-page guide for the choir: Choir Guide to Mass

If you are interested in singing, come to the 7:00AM Mass and ask for David, the sacristan.

To study Gregorian Notation and Latin Pronunciation, the best “first book” for chant is “The Parish Book of Chant”, and you can download it here : parishbookchant_2nd or purchase it from many fine vendors on the internet (Amazon example ). The “guide to singing chant”, starting on page 305 of the “Parish Book” is a must-read for any new singer.

HYMNS – Download the music and listen to practice files:

NOTE: If you prefer to save music files on a computer or phone to listen to them more easily, you can download free-of-copyright files at this page: Music Downloads

Print : Hymn – Adoro te Devote Chant-along practice : Adoro te devote – Youtube

Print : Hymn – Jesu Dulcis Memoria Chant-along practice : Jesu Dulcis Memoria – Polish congregation

MARIAN HYMNS (simple tones), with their liturgical season:

Post Pentecost, until Advent

Print : Hymn – Salve Regina – simple Chant-along practice: Salve Regina – Audio file

Advent to February 2: Alma Redemptoris Mater – simple

Chant-along practice:

February 3 to Holy Week: Ave Regina Caelorum – simple

Chant-along practice:

Easter to Pentecost Sunday: Regina Caeli – simple

Chant-along practice:

All year: Ave Maria

Chant-along practice:

COMMUNION ANTIPHONS with verses (can be used all year):

Print: communion – qui man ducat Chant-along practice: Qui Manducat w/ two verses

Print : Communion – Gustate Videte Chant-along practice : Gustate et Videte w/ verses

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