Authentic implementation of the Church’s directives on Sacred Music

This workshop inspired by the February 14th declaration from Pope Francis  (see Vatican News – Liturgical formation )

and reinforced by the Pastoral letter from Archbishop Sample : Sing to the Lord a New Song

Interview with Archbishop Sample about sacred music

The 90-minute workshop is described here: AICDSM Presentation 3-22-19

* 30 minutes are spent reviewing about the Pastoral letter, summing up an authentic implementation of the Church’s directives on Sacred Music. It concludes with a transition into the Art of Singing : Quotes from Lamperti and McRae

* 30-40 minutes are then spent practicing the best known Ordinary from the RG : Mass called “Jubilate Deo” and Mass VIII). Practice of the  Gloria VIII, Pater Noster) and common responses (Introductory rites, preface, dismissal,..).

* 20 minutes of practicing some of the Proper for upcoming Sundays, chosen to be common to both the Ordinary Form (OF) and Extraordinary Form (EF) of the Roman rite:

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