Proper of the Mass in the “Novus Ordo”

“NOVUS ORDO” means the “New Order” of the Liturgy that came after the Vatican II Council. Most Masses in the Catholic Church follow this Novus Ordo. In the document “Musicam Sacram“, paragraphs 28 to 31 prioritize what should be sung in a “Novus Ordo” solemn Mass:

1- the responses (greeting and responses, acclamation of the Gospel, preface dialog, Sanctus, final doxology of the Canon, Lord’s Prayer, Dismissal and response,..)

To practice the responses, click here for English,  and here for Latin.

2- Kyrie, Gloria, Agnus Dei, Creed, Prayer of the faithful. Practice: Jubilate Deo , Gloria VIII, Pater Noster, Credo, … and much more…

3- Entrance chant (Introit), Gradual (after the first lesson), Alleluia before the Gospel, Offertory, Communion.

The latter are called the “Proper of the Mass” and the Gregorian music settings of these proper can be found in the Gregorian Missal (click to download). The music printed in this Missal is a “Sundays-only” version of the Roman Gradual, with English translations. The General Instructions of the Roman Missal (G.I.R.M.) clearly state these Proper as the first choice: G.I.R.M. (starting with the Entrance Chant, or Introit: paragraph 48).

This “Proper” constitutes a fantastic heritage of vocal music. The texts have been used in the Church for centuries, and some of the melodies are over 10-centuries old and connect us to our rich Catholic musical heritage. At the 5:15 PM Sunday Mass at Mary Star of the Sea in San Pedro, the schola tries to sing these proper as often as possible.

If you want to join the Schola to sing these proper, please:

1- download the Gregorian Missal (or buy a new copy)

2- join at 4:30PM before Mass in the chapel of the convent for a run-through with the music director and the cantor. Email for details or directions.

In the coming weeks:

Sunday January 20th 2nd Sunday in Ordinary time (pages of the Gregorian Missal: GM OT02)

Sunday January 27th 3rd Sunday in Ordinary time (pages of the Gregorian Missal: GM OT03)

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