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Practice and learn towards our goal of singing High Mass every Sunday. For now, we will try to sing High Mass twice a month, and alternate:

  • 2nd Sundays of each Month: Singing the Proper from the “Liber Usualis”. To sing in the schola, please ask to audition. Everyone is welcome to follow along by reading the Liber Usualis.
  • 4th Sundays of each Month: Singing the Proper per the “Rossini” simple tones (download full book here: rossini proper – full pdf ). Everyone is welcome to join in the schola, but please, practice as much as you can. The files below may help you. We will rehearse the 4th-Sundays-proper after Mass on the second Sundays (two weeks ahead). Also, on 4th Sundays, we will meet at 6:45AM before Mass for a quick review and warm-up.

For those of us who may be more familiar with the “Vatican II” Novus Ordo Mass than with the Tridentine Mass, here is a 2-page guide for the choir: Choir Guide to Mass

Also, the best “first book” for chant is “The Parish Book of Chant”, and you can download it here : parishbookchant_2nd  or purchase it from many fine vendors on the internet. The “guide to singing chant”, starting on page 305 of the “Parish Book” is a must-read for any new singer.

Next dates:

Sunday January 28th, 2018 – “Rossini” Psalm Tones Proper

Two types of music printing can be found for the Gregorian repertoire: “square notes”, and “modern” or “metered”. If you are new to reading any sheet music, “square note” is easier: only 4 lines, rhythm is spelled out, and only one accidental note (a “flat”). If you spent many years studying an instrument and reading “modern”, the 5 lines, rhythm codes (halves, quarter notes..) and key signatures might be more familiar. If this paragraph was unclear to you, use the “square note” option below.

Download “square notes” here :     Rossini Septuagesima square notes

Download “Modern” notation here: Rossini Proper Septuagesima

Practice files:


Gradual – tract



SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH (2nd Sunday in Lent)  4th Sunday in February 2018

Download “Rossini” score here: 2nd Sunday in Lent – Rossini

SUNDAY, MARCH 25TH (Palm Sunday)   4th Sunday in March 2018

Download “Rossini” score here: Palm Sunday – Rossini

SUNDAY, APRIL 22ND (3RD Sunday after Easter)  4th Sunday in April 2018

Download “Rossini” score here: 3rd Sunday after Easter – Rossini

HYMNS – Download the music and listen to practice files:

Print : Hymn – Salve Regina – simple       Chant-along practice:   Salve Regina – Audio file

Print :  Hymn – Adoro te Devote                Chant-along practice :  Adoro te devote – Youtube

Print : Hymn – Jesu Dulcis Memoria        Chant-along practice : Jesu Dulcis Memoria – Polish congregation


Print:  communion – qui man ducat   Chant-along practice:   Qui Manducat w/ two verses

Print :  Communion – Gustate Videte    Chant-along practice : Gustate et Videte w/ verses

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