Palm Sunday

Simple English Proper (Lumen Christi Gradual and Modal Responsorial Psalms). The Roman Missal gives us these Bible verses to be sung per the examples recorded: the congregation joins the cantor for the antiphon (printed), then the cantor sing the Psalm alone, then the congregation and cantor repeat the antiphon.

Propers in Latin are identical in both Ordinary and Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.

The sung Mass on Palm Sunday has an ancient and rich history. First, a procession of the Palms, outdoors, precedes the arrival in the church. There, the cantors welcome the congregation and priest, who knock three times at the gates, and an alternate singing of the Gloria Laus hymn between the cantors (inside) and the congregation (outside). The antiphons of the Mass are poignantly sung as if they were our Christ’s own words while suffering in the Passion.

Download pages of the Gregorian Missal: GM LPalm

Download proper in English (same Gregorian mode): HWPS proper ENG PW

Click to hear Opening Antiphon (English antiphonLatin antiphon)

Click to hear Antiphon 1 (English antiphonLatin antiphon)

Click to hear Antiphon 2 (English antiphonLatin antiphon)

Click to hear Hymn to Christ the King “Gloria Laus”:  Refrain , Verse 1, Verse 2, Verse 3 , Verse 4, Verse 5

Click to hear “Ingrediente” Responsory sung during the entry of the church (English antiphonLatin antiphon)

Responsorial :    (cantor sings once, schola repeats, cantor sings verses, schola leads assembly in response between verses).

Click to hear Responsorial (English)

Gospel Acclamation

Click to hear Offertory (English antiphon – English verseLatin antiphon)

Click to hear Communion (English antiphon – English verseLatin antiphon + verses)

Download Communion verses: HWPS Comm verses GM

Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite

Listen to professional recordings:

Antiphon Pueri Hebraeorum 1:

Antiphon Pueri Hebraeorum 2:

Hymn to Christ the King “Gloria Laus”:

Ingrediente Responsory:

Improperium (Offertory):

Pater si non potest (Communion):

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