5th Sunday of Easter (4th after Easter)

Propers in Latin are identical in both Ordinary and Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (except Communion).

Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite

Download pages of the Gregorian Missal: GM Easter 5

Download proper in English (same Gregorian mode): EA05 proper ENG PW

Click to hear Introit (English antiphon – English verseLatin antiphon, verse, Gloria patri)

Responsorial :  (cantor sings once, schola repeats, cantor sings verses, schola leads assembly in response between verses).

Click to hear Responsorial (English)

Alleluia 1 (Acclamation)

Alleluia 2 (Acclamation)

Click to hear Offertory (English antiphon – English verseLatin antiphon)

Click to hear Year A Communion (Latin antiphon + verses),

Click to hear Year BC Communion (English antiphon – English verseLatin antiphon + verses)

Download Communion verses for Year A (2020): EA05A Comm verses GM , Year B and C (2021-2022): EA05BC Comm verses GM


 Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (4th Sunday after Easter)

Download pages of Mass & Vespers 1957: MV57-EA04

Professional recordings:






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