18th Sunday in Ordinary Time (9th Sunday after Pentecost)

Simple English Proper (Lumen Christi Gradual and Modal Responsorial Psalms). The Roman Missal gives us these Bible verses to be sung per the examples recorded: the congregation joins the cantor for the antiphon (printed), then the cantor sing the Psalm alone, then the congregation and cantor repeat the antiphon.

Roman Gradual – Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite

Download pages of the Gregorian Missal: GM OT 18

Download proper in English (Father Weber’s proper)

Click to hear Introit (English antiphon – English verseYear A Latin antiphon and verse, Year BC Latin Antiphon and verse )

Responsorial (see “simple proper” above), or Gradual (cantor or schola alone)

Alleluia Acclamation

Click to hear Offertory (English antiphon – English verseYear AB Latin antiphon, Year C Latin Antiphon )

Click to hear Communion (English antiphonEnglish verseLatin antiphon + verses)

Download Communion verses:

 Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite

Download pages of Mass & Vespers 1957: MV57-PT09

Professional recordings:






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