“The Office of Compline” by Father Weber

Compline is the night prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours. In recent parish discussions, the topic of purchasing this book and working through it together by Zoom came up. Below is a video explaining why it is a good idea.

Sum-up of the video:

Singing Compline by reading square notes and following the rules of St Benedict may be “a bridge too far” for many. To this we reply: 1- be not afraid  2- take your time 3- it is worth it, and you’re not alone.

Be not afraid: rules can be scary, but only when they are enforced. Rules actually can be liberating.

Take your time: Liturgical chant does not follow our rushed time. Trying to rush is actually going backwards.

It is worth it, and you are not alone: Unity results from chanting the psalms. Christian chant bears some similarities with other chant traditions, but important differences: we sing the Word of God, not a mantra, and thus we engage the mind, rather than neutralizing it.

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