Read-through Father Weber’s book – May 2021

To begin our practice with the simplest possible “roadmap”, we will follow… St Benedict’s rule, and sing Psalms 4, 90 and 133. Father Weber’s “Office of Compline” spreads these three psalms over two nights: “after 1st Vespers on Sundays” (starting page 28) and “after 2nd Vespers on Sundays” (starting page 38).

To set aside the questions about Latin at the beginning, we will sing everything in English at first, except for the final Marian hymn.

From “the Rule”:

(…) The same psalms—4, 90 and 133—are said each day at Compline.
The remaining psalms not accounted for in this arrangement for the day hours are distributed evenly at Vigils
over the seven nights of the week. Longer psalms are to be divided so that twelve psalms are said each night.
Above all else we urge that if anyone finds this distribution of the psalms unsatisfactory, he should arrange
whatever he judges better, provided that the full complement of one hundred and fifty psalms is by all means
carefully maintained every week, and that the series begins anew each Sunday at Vigils.

The Rule of St. Benedict in English
by Timothy Fry, Timothy Horner, Imogene Baker

Since we will be starting in a few days, our initial “roadmap” will thus be:

  1. Page 3: “O God come to my assistance…” (from psalm 69/70)

2. Examination of conscience (not detailed in Father Weber’s book. He suggests the same as at Mass (“I confess…”)

3. Page 125: Hymn

4. Page 29 – Psalm with antiphon . Since we are still in Easter season (Paschaltide), we will replace the antiphon by “Alleluia”. (we will alternate the psalms starting page 29 and the one starting page 39)

Page 29 : Psalm 4 with Alleluia
page 33: psalm 133, with Alleluia

5. Reading : page 33 or page 43 (following the psalms, in alternance)

6. Page 13: Responsory for Paschaltide “into your hands O Lord…” (from psalm 30/31)

7. Page 13: Gospel Canticle “Protect us Lord…”

In English
In Latin (Nunc Dimittis)

8. Page 35 (or 45) : Prayer

9. Page 17 : Concluding prayer

10. Page 22-23: Regina Coeli. Below are both the simple (p23) and solemn (p22) tone. It is good practice to sing the solemn tone on Sundays and Solemnities.

Simple tone
Solemn tone
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