32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Simple English Proper (Lumen Christi Gradual and Modal Responsorial Psalms). The Roman Missal gives us these Bible verses to be sung per the examples recorded: the congregation joins the cantor for the antiphon (printed), then the cantor sing the Psalm alone, then the congregation and cantor repeat the antiphon.

1974 Roman Gradual – Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite

Download proper in English (same Gregorian mode):

Click to hear Introit (English antiphon – English verseLatin antiphon and verse)

Responsorial :  (cantor sings once, schola repeats, cantor sings verses, schola leads assembly in response between verses).

Click to hear Year C Responsorial (English)

Year A Alleluia Acclamation

Click to hear Offertory (English antiphon – English verse– Latin antiphon)

Click to hear Communion (Year C English antiphon – English verse – Year A Latin antiphon + verse, Year BC Latin antiphon + verse)

Download Communion verses:


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