Popular Latin hymns

Hymns differ from the proper of the mass, in short:

  • because the proper are the text of the mass, directly quoted from the Bible, sung (the text of most proper are psalm verses),
  • Hymns are educational, emphasizing doctrine. In the liturgy, they are mostly found in the liturgy of the hours. For their educative power, many hymns were sung in English in devotion even when all masses were said in Latin (see A Catholic School of Hymns ).

To learn the Proper of the Mass from the Roman Gradual, consider purchasing the collection of Gregorian recordings by Schola Bellarmina: Every Gregorian chant of the liturgical year, professionally recorded

Some Latin Hymns:

Alma Redemptoris Mater – simple tone (Advent to Feb 3) Great tutorial below:


Attende Domine (Lent)

Ave Maria   (pdf of the music to download: Ave Maria )

Ave Regina Caelorum – simple tone (Feb 3 to Holy week) (download sheet music: Ave Regina Caelorum – simple )

O filii et filiae (Easter)

Parce Domine (Lent)

Regina Caeli – simple tone (Easter to Pentecost)

Regina Caeli Jubila (Easter)

Salve Festa Die (Easter)

Stabat Mater Dolorosa (simple – Lent)

Veni Creator Spiritu (Pentecost)

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