Practice Active Participation and Chant

These events are free of charge. Just sing. A booklet is provided. If you choose to keep the booklet, we appreciate $10 to cover the cost. You can also download the booklet here Parish Book Chant – Soli Deo Gloria and print yourself.

When and where? Next dates:

Monday August 19th at 7:00PM (John Paul II Polish Center, 3999 Rose drive in Yorba Linda)

Monday August 26th at 7:00PM at Sts. Peter and Paul Church (515 W Opp st in Wilmington, CA – Ave Maria room )

Why? To practice chant, and learn about the important role of chant in the Liturgy .

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How do I start chanting?

Good news: you are already “wired” to chant. You have it in you. To give yourself the gift you already have, three basic steps:

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Next Missa Cantata (Extraordinary Form) JPII center in Yorba Linda: 9/22.

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Need help with latin and square notes?..

Need help with latin? Our advice is: pick a short phrase (ex: an Introit antiphon) and translate it word by word. How? There’s an app for that :  S.P.Q.R. (click on link)

To help sight-read and sing Gregorian Notation, this App: Square Notes seems to have catalogued the whole Roman Gradual. Fantastic!!