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Learn to chant the Mass in 3 easy steps…

This post was sent as an Email to SOLI DEO GLORIA members on 1/20/2020:

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Proper of the Mass this Sunday…

At the 5:15 PM Sunday Mass at Mary Star of the Sea in San Pedro, CA, the schola sings these Proper. Below are practice files.

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Practice Singing the Mass at Mass

These events are free of charge. Just sing.

When and where? Every Sunday at 4:15PM(Meet 1 hour before the 5:15PM Mass in the chapel of the convent, in the building East of the Church Mary Star of the Sea in San Pedro ). Prepare by downloading the music and singing-along the mp3 files at this link.

Why? To practice chant, and learn about the important role of chant in the Liturgy .

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Next Missa Cantata (Extraordinary Form) JPII center in Yorba Linda: 2/9/2020.

Click Here for the TLM proper in coming Sundays.

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Need help with latin and square notes?..

Need help with latin? Our advice is: pick a short phrase (ex: an Introit antiphon) and translate it word by word. How? There’s an app for that :  S.P.Q.R. (click on link)

To help sight-read and sing Gregorian Notation, this App: Square Notes seems to have catalogued the whole Roman Gradual. Fantastic!!