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What book(s) do you need to “Sing the Mass”? Hopefully, the chart below will provide more than quick book recommendations, but also tools to assess any book not mentioned here. (Also check out the video on reading music )

The book(s) you need depend(s) on what form of Mass you choose to attend:

  • Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (Tridentine Mass), read left of the chart
  • Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite, with Gregorian Chant, read center of the chart
  • Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite, with songs in English, read right of the chart.

If you are unfamiliar with the terms above, you likely attend the Ordinary Form. The two forms follow different liturgical calendars: Novus Ordo for the Ordinary form, and Antiquior Ordo for the Extraordinary Form.

The music gathered in the Graduale Romanum represents centuries of prayerful singing of the Mass. It may not be the easiest to sing, but has proven its Sacramental efficiency at Mass. Recent publications represent contemporary publishers’ ideas for a liturgical music that is “less work”. However, the very definition of the word liturgy (leitourgos) is work. Liturgy means the participation of the people of God to the Work of God (watch 5 minute video from the Liturgical Institute).

Click on the video for explanations on the chart. Download the chart: Songbooks and Roman Gradual

Books of chant V2

SKIP TO “For the Ordinary Form…” IF YOU WATCHED THE VIDEO : The two top corners lists the “three degrees of Participation” per the Church documents on liturgy: before Vatican II (left top corner), and after Vatican II (right top corner). In the top center is the official songbook of the Church: the Roman Gradual.

The two bottom corners illustrate the reality on the ground, when Holy Mass is not prepared adequately, and the music ministers come up with some replacement plans. As Archbishop Sample recently reminded us: “we do not plan Holy Mass; the Church has already provided us with a plan. We prepare to celebrate the Mass.” (Sing to the Lord a New Song p.12 “preparation, not planning”). The “Four-Hymn sandwich” model started before Vatican II (left bottom corner), but is now thriving, with many publishers selling hymns that instrumentalists in position of music ministry can plan in replacement of the Proper text of the Holy Mass, and support with instruments the singing of an unprepared congregation (right bottom corner. Gray area).

To prepare Holy Mass, the books in the yellow rectangles are the best to be both “official” and/or easy to use (ex: English translations and instructions).

Where to find these books?

For the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite:

Graduale Romanum 1974 free download or buy online. (NOTE: the Gregorian Missal -see below- is a Sundays-only version of the GR 1974, with English translations. The Gregorian Missal is an easier choice to discover the GR 1974).

Gregorian Missal : free download or buy online. (NOTE: most chants in Practice the Proper are from this book).

Graduale Simplex : free download or buy online.

Resources in English by Father Samuel Weber, OPPew Missal , Proper of the Mass, Office of Compline, Organ accompaniements and more.

Resources in English by Adam BartlettLumen Christi collection (NOTE: English Introits in Practice the Proper are from the Lumen Christi Gradual)

Modal responsorial psalms & Gospel Acclamations by Aristotle Esguerra  (NOTE: English Responsorials in Practice the Proper are from this book)

Resources in English by the “Majors”: Oregon Catholic Press, GIA music, WLP-JS Paluch

For the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite:

Graduale Romanum 1961 free download or buy online.

Liber Usualis free download (1961 edition) or buy online.

Liber Brevior (shorter than Liber Usualis : no Divine Office, only Mass) free download or buy online.

Chant abrégés: free download or buy online.

Rossini Propers : free download or buy online.

If you do not sing but just want to follow the Liturgical year of Traditional Latin Masses: St Andrew Daily Missal.

For use in either the Ordinary or the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite:

A wonderful online resource to explore: GABC CHANT TOOLS

Parish Book of Chant (2nd edition) : free download or buy online.

Resources for latin verses: the duration of the chanting for the Introit, the Offertory and the Communion is often adjusted to match the action (processing, incensing,…) and can vary. Verses like the below are then used:

… need more material to read?

Consider The Mass and the Saints by Thomas Crean, OP

Check also free book pdf from and free music pdf ….

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