Practice Singing the Mass at Mass

These events are free of charge. Just sing.

When and where? Every Sunday at 4:15PM(Meet 1 hour before the 5:15PM Mass in the chapel of the convent, in the building East of the Church Mary Star of the Sea in San Pedro ). Prepare by downloading the music and singing-along the mp3 files at this link.

Why? To practice chant, and learn about the important role of chant in the Liturgy .

Who? Anyone interested in bridging “Singing the Mass” as envisioned by the Church documents, with the higher spheres. Come from either side of the bridge given to us by Chant: Active Participation at Mass , or Music of the spheres. Beginners are most welcome!

What? See details here: Soli Deo Gloria Schola . You can come for one evening, or all evenings. Each practice start with the simplest chants and ends with the slightly-less-easy ones. You can miss one evening and re-join the following week.


The “Soli Deo Gloria” schola (=school) is an education ministry, not a “performing” group.
Our goal is to put into one room singers who have chant experience with those who have none, and to start chanting through the Roman Gradual. Then do it again. And again. Like the “Jesus Prayer”. Learn by doing.
At our weekdays rehearsal, we follow the degrees of participation from the Church documents (identical in 1967 and 1958 Instructions): from fully congregational (responses, simple “ordinary” like Kyrie) to more advanced (Credos, Proper). Our Sunday rehearsals are focused on a specific mass.
There is no pressure to “perform”. These chants have been sung in the Church for many centuries, and they’ll come again in the Liturgical calendar next year. Everyone can hone their voice before offering it to God. All can grow their chanting skills at their own pace.

More questions? Email Hervé at

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  1. Laura Fernandez | Reply

    Thank you for this Herve. I will post on our email directory!

  2. […] Click Here for the TLM proper in coming Sundays. Also click for info about the schola rehearsal at Dean and Nancy’s in Brea on 6/4. […]

  3. […] 2- Come to Mass and further your practice in the “natural habitat” of chant. Click here for a list of the Southern California parishes where some chant is sung during Mass. Join the Soli Deo Gloria schola. […]

  4. You the man Herve …Proud of you

    Vivat Jesus Gk Jerry
    Bishop Carl Fisher Council Lb California 10533

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