A Pastoral letter worth re-reading…

Excerpts from the “GENERAL STANDARDS” section:

c. Practice and Liturgical Discipline
As Pope Benedict XVI has stated, “Nothing can be too beautiful for God.” Musicians should take these words to heart, because it is they who bear much of the responsibility for bringing beauty to our liturgical celebrations. (…) Every hour of worship should represent at least two hours of structured preparation at a time and place apart from the congregation.

e. Preparation not Planning
It is important to keep in mind that we do not plan Holy Mass; the Church has already provided us with a plan. We prepare to celebrate the Mass. This is a subtle yet important distinction. The plan is found in the liturgical calendar and the official liturgical books: the Ordo, the Missal, the Lectionary and the Graduale.

Are you spending 2 hours in structured preparation for each hour or worship? What assistance do you need most to structure this 2:1 ration ?

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