Active Participation, a-cappella, and in Latin. An example.

Not all went well at last Sunday’s mass at this link but it is nonetheless an illustration that following the Liturgy books and Church documents on music strictly can result in active participation. Most singing is from the Roman Gradual, the official songbook of the Church, the congregation was trained to follow the degrees of participation defined in Musicam Sacram, the 1967 document on liturgy: dialogues are the most important, then the Kyriale and the Credo. The schola sings the proper. This active participation can even (or especially?) happen in a congregation that is singing… A-CAPPELLA (without instrumental accompaniment).
Pope Francis is correct in calling for a better implementation of the Liturgy Books… these books « work »…

To make it easier to watch the video at the link above, below are the time markers:

0:00 Rosary ;
8:48 English Hymn (Congregation) ;
11:53 Asperges (Schola) ;
15:40 Simple Introit in English (schola) ;
16:53 Introit in Latin (Cantor/schola) ;
20:00 Kyrie VIII (Cantor/Congregation) ;
22:15 Gloria VIII (Priest/Cantor/Congregation) ; 24:41 Collect (Priest/Congregation) ;
25:35 Epistle (Priest+answer from Cong.) ;
27:05 Gradual & Alleluia (Cantor / Schola);
28:30 Gospel (Priest/congreg) ;
32:30 readings in English + Homely (only spoken parts of the Missa Cantata) ;
42:00 Credo (Priest/cantor/congregation) ; 46:20 Offertory + verse (Cantor/schola) ;
48:35-50:35 Hymn Adoro te Devote 2-voice harmony (schola) ;
52:10 Preface Dialogues (Priest/congregation) ; 54:50 Sanctus VIII (congregation) ;
56:30 Secret (silent) ;
1:03:25 Agnus Dei VIII (congregation) ;
1:05:25 Confiteor (congregation, spoken) ; 1:10:00 Communion antiphon + verses (cantor/schola) :
1:15:35 Ave Verum hymn (schola) ;
1:17:40-1:19:30 Panis Angelicus hymn (2-voice , schola) ;
1:24:00 Ite Missa Est VIII (priest/congregation) ; 1:24:40 Salve Regina (congregation). Please note that all the singing participation is A-CAPPELLA.

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