Traditional Latin Mass: finding the Proper antiphons of the Mass

One difficulty for newcomers to the Traditional Latin Mass is to identify the “proper of the mass”. For aspiring choir members especially, these proper will explain why we sing what we sing. We sing the mass, we just do not sing at mass.

The first step is to locate the date of the calendar we know (ex: Sunday October 31st, 2021) into a date of the Liturgical Calendar.

For this, we recommend to use the website. There are others, but this is a good one. You will then see “CATHOLIC ORDO FOR THE 2021 LITURGICAL YEAR”

CLICK on the link to go to the “Ordo 2021” page. Then scroll down until you find the date you are looking for….

… When you see “SUNDAY OCTOBER 31th”, stop. Read across: On that specific Sunday “the Kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ” is celebrated. CLICK on that link…

… and you will see the proper for the Sunday you were looking for… This is only text. If you want the sheet music for the SUNG PROPER, you can consult the LIBER USUALIS (see Books, books, books,… ) or many other internet resources. In the below example, we will assume you are a beginner with singing the Traditional Latin Mass. The simplest antiphon is generally the Communion, and even simpler are the psalm verses, usually sung on a Psalm Tone (see Psalm tones )…. Let us find the sheet music for this Communion Antiphon : “Sedebit Dominus”…

The website includes many, many resources, like a wonderful book called COMMUNIO, free of charge. Go to the COMMUNIO page of (see below)… Scroll down…

… until you find the “Sedebit” antiphon you identified earlier (antiphons are usually identified by their first word(s) ). CLICK…

… ET VOILÀ. Now you have the sheet music to join the schola in singing the Communion antiphon and verses.

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