Does it matter what music we use at mass?

Being attentive to how we celebrate the liturgy can have a profound impact on how we live our Catholic faith more broadly, Higgins told The Pillar.

The phrase “source and summit” is often used in many Catholic circles to refer to the Eucharist alone, he noted. “But when you read the texts of the Sacrosanctum concilium (the constitution on the liturgy from the Second Vatican Council), [the phrase] actually refers to the liturgy as the source and summit of our faith, with the celebration of the Eucharist being the pinnacle of that.”

This means that when the liturgy is celebrated well, and in its proper context as the summit of the faith, the rest of the Catholic life and mission — from evangelization and catechesis to the devotional life — can “flow from that,” Higgins said. 

“When we do liturgy correctly — as joining Christ in his prayer to the Father rather than something that we bring from our own perspective, then conform ourselves to Christ…​​we join him and become like him and we go out into the world from that experience, and it improves everything about our mission.”


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